Organisations aiming for an effective Quality Management System (QMS), need to perform Internal Audits. They are used to find weak links in the system as well opportunities for improvements, and feed it back to top management.
Risk management is usually high on a board’s agenda, and Internal Audit is playing an important role in protecting the business against those risks and driving continues improvement.
If the existing audit function doesn’t have the adequate experience or knowledge, it exposes the organisation to major risks.

EQMS managed Internal Audits give you access to broad experience and knowledge from our auditors. Our solutions focus on each individual business, and tailored to their needs.
Our experienced audit team will review the issues your organisation is facing and design a solution that meets your requirements and addresses the areas at risk.

Our internal audit services include

  • Develop and setup your internal audit program
  • Developing and delivering training for your internal audit team
  • Provide additional recourses to an existing audit function
  • Environmental impact and awareness

Audit Process Review
When we review your internal audit process we will look at

  • The needed competency for the audits
  • The risk analysis performed to plan the internal audits
  • The involvement from top management in the internal audit process
  • How the outcome from the audits are used
  • The approach the company use to identify critical areas that
    • Need special attention
    • Are critical to product quality
    • Need close monitoring
    • Need to be validated
    • Require special qualifications

Auditor Review
When we review your auditor’s competency we will look at

  • How the organisation have identified the required competence of the auditors
  • What training is being provided
  • How auditors performance is monitored
  • If sector specific knowledge is available
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