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Material testing is used across various industries, and done on all types of materials to determine their physical and mechanical properties.
One of the main purposes of material testing is that components and materials used are fit for purpose over the expected lifetime of the product.

Types of Material Testing

There are several types of material tests which can be used to determine its characteristics, and a lot of them can also be used on final products.
A list of material tests is seen below, and each name links to a page with detailed description of that particular test if interested in additional information.

Some test can also be done at product level

Material Testing for Problem Solving or Risk Mitigation

If an issue arise and a problem solving exercises is initiated, it could trigger material testing to be done as part of the root cause analysis.
Another scenario would be as part of preventive maintenance activities instead, to avoid the issue from happening in the first place. For example during a FMEA session it would be defined that material test should be done on three types of materials, to determine which had the best fit in terms of required characteristics.

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