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Chemical testing and analysis is used to identify the substances in a product, and can be used as validation to show regulatory compliance, or during a problem solving exercise.

When is Chemical Testing Used

There are several different scenarios when chemical testing is used, and companies use them for various purposes. Some examples of use is given below.

  • Pollution of rivers and lakes can be measured by environmental groups.
  • In hospitals, various tests are done on blood to determine level of proteins, iron, etc.
  • In a lot of airports they wipe your suitcase with a small piece of fabric, which following is analysed for any traces of explosives.
  • When stopped by the police, they have kits to analyse for alcohol levels in your breath.
  • Chemical tests can also be used to check for compliance against ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • Check for contamination of a material as part of a failure analysis.

Types of Chemical Analysis

There are two types of chemical analysis.

  • Qualitative Analysis: This analysis is used to check the presence of a substance, but will not provide the level or amount of it.
  • Quantitative Analysis: This type is used when the concentration or percentage of a substance need to be known.

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