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Compression testing is used to determine how a material or product react if it compressed. This type of test is used for different purposes across various industries, products and materials.

When to use Compression Testing

Compression testing can be used in different phases of a project, during the design phase to compare different materials for a product. The test can also be used during a problem solving exercise to determine the root cause on an issue.
Some examples of where it can be used are listed below.

  • Compare characteristics of different foam materials for a gasket inside a mobile phone
  • Assess the performance of machine dampers and their ability to reduce vibration to surrounding environment.
  • Measure strength of a spring, or the force to press a key on a keyboard

Benefit of Compression Testing

There are several benefits in being able to test material or a product before using it or sending it to the market, some examples are given below.

  • Different materials can be tested and compared with each other to determine which one has the characteristics that best fit your needs.
  • Compression testing of a mobile phone during development, could avoid huge warranty return due to breaking when people have them in their back pockets.

Some other benefits in production could be to check batch to batch quality from a supplier, or to determine the variation in a process.

Compressed Materials

Some materials have a linear relationship between stress and strain when compressed which is described by Hooke’s Law as

E = Stress (s) / Strain (e)
E: Elasticity (Young’s Modulus)

If adding and removing a force on a material it will compress and return to its initial stage again, but if the compressive force reaches a certain level a plastic deformation will occur. If this happens the material will no longer be able return to its initial stage again.

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