EQMS offer hands-on quality consulting, specialising in the establishing, implementing and improving quality management systems, quality auditing and training.
For companies that need help identifying strength and weaknesses in their Quality Management System (QMS) or who need a system developed from scratch, quality consulting from EQMS is ideal.
EQMS Quality Consulting offer tailored solutions to match each company’s needs.

Quality Consulting Services

  • Quality Management System (QMS) Consulting
  • Internal and Supplier Audit
  • Quality Training
  • Supplier Management

Quality Consulting Process

EQMS will assess your business processes and procedures and generate “gap analysis”. The analysis identifies where there are gaps compared to the desired state or to the international standard ISO 9001.
When the gaps have been identified an action plan can be defined to establish a quality management system compliant with the requirement of ISO 9001.

Benefits of Quality Consulting

Clients usually benefit from using an external ISO 9001 consultant as the adviser because they are free of in-house bias and work pressure. This can be especially useful when cultural and behavioral changes are required.
It is not the goal to just comply with the applicable ISO standard, but add value to your organisation as well through greater efficiency and less cost.

Benefits of Quality Management System

Below are some of the areas you’re your organisation would see improvements when working with EQMS to develop or improve a Quality Management System (QMS).

  • Increased Efficiency – During the development on the Quality Management System, we work with your employees to identify opportunities improvements where waste can be moved from processes and operations.
  • Continuous Improvement – Recognising the importance of every employee, we will work with the organisation as a hole. Changing the culture of the people to have continuous improvement reflected in everything they do.
  • Performance Indicators – We will setup performance measurement to generate reliable data your costumers can trust and you can use to monitor improvements.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Making sure QMS processes use customer feedback efficiently to drive organisational decisions with focus on costumer and their satisfaction.
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