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Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document confirming a given batch meets specification. It includes measurement data from the batch that can be compared with the specification.
The use of COA can remove or reduce the need to do time consuming measurements or test of samples from incoming batches, or even more important reduce the probability of defective products being shipped to the costumer.

Certificate of Analysis and Continuous Improvement

COA is a snapshot in time of the process at the supplier, and often comes in shape of a piece of paper included with the delivery.
The problem with this format is that there is not much that can be done with the information; other than validate the delivery is within spec and store the hardcopy in a folder for future reference. If instead the report was in a digital format arriving up front, it could easily be shared.
Taking it a step further and looking at how this could be used for continuous improvement, then the report could be linked to the output. That way the effect of a batch in the top and bottom of a spec becomes visible and parameters can be optimised to get the highest yield.

Sharing COA

By sharing the COA across the business, it can be used by several departments. Some examples for it use could be.

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Optimisation of process parameters
  • Eliminate line stops
  • Detect a trend before a process drift to produce out of spec parts
  • Negotiate supplier contract
  • Rate supplier against each other and out of control processes

There are various ways of using the information from the COA’s in a beneficial way to continuously improve your business.

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Certificate of Analysis