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Post Implementation Review (PIR) is used after a project has been completed. The purpose of the PIR is to review how well the project met the business needs it initially set out to meet, and how effective the project was run.
If the LL (Both good and bad) is reviewed and documented in a PIR Report, all future projects can benefit from them and same mistakes can be avoided.

Timeline for Post Implementation Review

The best time to have the PIR is shortly after the project has been delivered and when final improvements have been implemented. That way it is still fresh on participants mind, and also final improvements can be taken into account and included in the review.

What to Review in PIR

Start with defining the scope of the Post Implementation Review, and make the objectives for the review clear. It is important to emphasise people have to be open and honest in their evaluation, and make sure no one feels hurt during the process.
Below are some recommendations that can be used when conducting a PIR.

  • Always be objective when describing what happened, and then look for improvements.
  • Document what worked well so similar practice can be adopted by future projects.
  • Review what did not go well to avoid same mistakes on future projects.
  • Do not blame people, issues usually relate to a process or a way of doing things, not a particular person. Remember in order to have an effective PIR, people need to be honest and open. This is not possible when everyone try to blame each other for things that have gone wrong.
  • Focus on the future, the purpose of the review is to continuously improve going forward.

Common Mistakes during PIR

  • Waiting too long with the PIR, so a lot of the learning’s on the project have been forgotten.
  • Everyone is eager to get on to next project and the team is released prior to a PIR is conducted.

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