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Product validation plan is a plan for how you to validate a new product during development and before launching it to the market.
One of the tools to support with defining the product validation plan is a DFMEA (Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis), it identifies the potential failure modes and the risks associated with them. The actions to mitigate the risks will then become part of the PV Plan.

Defining the Spec

One of the common mistakes often seen from the product development team is that they have much more confidence in the spec than they should. Especially if new technologies is used, or they are used in a new way, then there is a level of risk associated that need to be properly understood and mitigated as needed.

Before defining the final spec, there are some important tests that need to be made

  • Feasibility: Is it possible to produce or build the product with the technologies available. The associated risks should be identified early rather than find out down the road that it isn’t possible to produce the product with the chosen technology.
  • Usability: Give prototypes of your product to target customers, and gather the feedback on how and if they are able to use the products. The outcome is often missing product requirements, or added functionality that is not seen as important to the costumer as first thought.
  • Desirability: Does your costumer want the product, does it add value for them and how much are they willing to pay for it.

Outlining the Product Validation Plan

When the Product Validation Plan is made, it needs to include but not be limited to following elements.

  • Scope of the test (what features do we want to test)
  • How do we test it (What methodology and in what environment)
  • What is the pass/fail criteria
  • Responsibility
  • Timeline or target dates
  • Risks and contingencies

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