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Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is used when developing new products and services, and is used to translate the demand from the consumer into the design of the product.
QFD was developed in 1966 by Yoji Akao, and was first used by Mitsubishi in 1972. Following Toyota adopted the concept and developed it further.

Four Basic Phases of QFD

Quality Function Deployment can be split up in four basic phases which you go through during the development of the product.

  • Product Planning
    • Define and prioritize costumer needs
    • Analyse competitive opportunities
    • Plan a product to reply to needs and opportunities
    • Establish critical characteristics target values
  • Assembly/Part Deployment
    • Identify critical parts and assemblies
    • Flow down critical product characteristics
    • Translate into critical part/assy characteristics and target values
  • Process Planning
    • Determine critical processes and process flow
    • Develop production equipment requirements
    • Establish critical process parameters
  • Process/Quality Control
    • Determine critical part and process characteristics
    • Establish process control methods and parameters
    • Establish inspection and test methods and parameters

Benefits of Quality Function Deployment

One of the biggest benefits of QFD is that everything starts with and relates back to “What does the costumer need and want”. One of the main tools used in House of Quality, which is matrix based and relate the design with the customer needs. As a result you end up with a product that meets the expectation of the costumer.

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