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Toyota Production System (TPS) is developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation and is built on two pillars, JIT and Jidoka. It aims to provide best quality at the lowest cost and shortest lead time by elimination of all types of waste. The TPS is credited to Taiichi Ohno who was chief of production at Toyota prior to World War 2 and considered the founder of TPS.

Desired Outcome of TPS

  • Provide the costumer with the highest quality product at the lowest cost and lead time.
  • Provide employees with work satisfaction, and recognize each individual as an important contributor to the overall result of the business.
  • Give the company flexibility to effectively respond to changes in the market, and stay competitive by continuous improvement and cost reduction activities.

TPS and Lean

In 1990 MIT published a book titled “The Machine That Changed the World” which was based on several years study. It documented that the Toyota Production System was much more effective than traditional mass production, and created the term lean production that is widely known and used today.

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Toyota Production System