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Voice of the customer (VOC) is a process to capture requirements and feedback from the costumer, in order to provide them with high quality products and services that live up to their requirements and needs. This is an on-going activity that constantly needs to be up to date with the constant changing requirement of the costumer.

Voice of the Customer Benefits

A voice of the customer program is essential to the success of any business, without it the business is blind to what their customers need.
Following are some of the clear benefits of having an effective VOC program.

  • Products and services can be customized meet the exact needs and wants of customers.
  • Needs and wants of costumers can be prioritized
  • Profit can be maximized by investing in the features and add-ons that gives the highest return.
  • New concepts and ideas can be trialled with the costumer before bringing it to the market.

Effective VOC Program

An effective VOC program is constantly having a finger on the pulse to track what is going on, and can detect and react on any changes in costumer’s needs and wants in a timely manner.
Typically a business has multiple touch points with their customers across the organisation, and can be gathered through Interviews, surveys, focus groups, observation, warranty data, field reports, complaints, etc.
When building the VOC program there are 4 areas to have in mind, which repeatedly will be done in a closed loop.

  • Plan: Where and how is the customer feedback collected, For example it does not make sense to do a costumer survey in UK for a product that is targeted to Asian consumers.
  • Do: Collect data through the sources identified in the planning phase.
  • Check: Review and analyse the date collected.
  • Act: Put your knowledge into action, design the product or service based on what you know the costumer want.

If you would like to implement a VOC program that effectively monitor and react on your costumers needs, we are able to provide consultant support. Please contact us for a free quote with no obligations.

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