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It is a lean tool developed by Toyota, which have a few different types of A3 Reports for different purposes like problem solving, reporting project status and proposing policy changes.
We will here only focus on the one for problem solving.

A3 Report with PDCA Cycle

The A3 Report supports the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle from Deming, which is used for continuous improvement of processes and products.
This is used through the workflow as seen below.


  • Project title: The project title should reflect the problem you are working on and be descriptive. E.g. “Reduce camera contamination failures”
  • Form the team: When forming a team, remember the people closest to the process are the ones who understand it the best. Select the team from the process stakeholders and with diverse experience about the process, improvement and technical experts.
  • Define current condition: Summarize current situation and remember the simpler the better. Only use facts and present it in an objective manner. For better communication and easier understanding, use graphs to present rather than raw data.
  • Define the goal: Define ideal condition and what you aim to achieve. Be specific so that a success can be measured, e.g. reduce camera contamination failures from 5 to 2%.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Describe how the root cause analysis was done, which tools was used, the outcome etc.


  • Propose countermeasure: List the actions that attack and remove the identified root causes.


  • Confirm effectiveness: Define a way to evaluate the result of your countermeasures and determine if they were effective in reaching the goal. E.g. if the failure of contamination in camera was reduced to below 2%.


  • Describe action plan: Here any other actions needed to maintain the improvement is described, or if any further actions will be needed.
  • Report: Document all the changes and improvement work done, as it will help with future improvement work as well as lessons learned.

A3 Report for Communication

A3 Reports forces you to go through a proper problem solving exercise, without skipping some of the important steps. It is very effective for communication on a problem solving exercise, as it summarise all data and analysis on a one page overview for presentation.

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