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Andon is a visual feedback system with displays and controls used throughout a manufacturing site to improve communication and highlight alerts as soon as they occur.

Types of Andon

  • Andon Cord: This is a cord in manufacturing workers can pull in case of an incident which will affect quality of the products or compromise safety of employees.
  • Andon Light: is commonly used within lean to signal status and request assistance to for example a machine, it would typically be a stack of different colour lights each requesting a different response. An everyday example could be the warning light in your car showing low level of oil.
  • Andon Board: These boards usually display a wider range of signals which can include data about the process; it could be information on KPI’s downtime, consumption and so forth.

Benefits of Andon

There are several benefits to using a visual feedback system, below is a few examples.

  • The state of a manufacturing process is constantly visible, and request for assistance is signalled as soon as an issue occur.
  • It reduces the downtime and increase the efficiency of a process.
  • Visual feedback systems can be used in manufacturing, Storage, receiving, shipping etc.

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