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The purpose of implementing document control is not to create additional administrative work, but to protect and control important documents which are vital to the day to day work of a business.

Document Control vs. Document Management

Some people wrongly use the term document control and document management as the same thing.
A document management system is as it implies used to manage documents, but it does not necessarily include any kind of controls. It typically covers items like storage of soft copy, search function, archive, and in some cases a partial control function.
A document control system would include all the elements of the quality management system, but add additional items like version control, approval cycles and history on any changes made to a given document.

Purpose of Document Control

It outlines a framework for how information is created and managed within a business. Some of the benefits are outlined below.

  • Every document created have a useful purpose to the business
  • There is a central latest version of each document, and no out of date versions spread in several locations
  • Access to document and information is restricted, and provided on a need to know basis
  • Standardised document formats can be used for easier understanding across the business.

Implementing Document Control

The first step when implementing a document control system, is to create a policy that outlines how it should work. This would include items like how to create documents and a standardised naming terminology, the process to get them reviewed, approved and published and so forth.

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