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Impact Analysis is used to see what impact a decision or change have on your business. It could be initiated from an external source related to a change in a regulatory requirement, or internally related to a change of the CAD software used or implementation of SAP for example.

What to Include in Impact Analysis

When doing an impact analysis it is important cover the critical business activities that are key to running your business. Items to cover could be, but not limited to, items in below list.

  • Does it impact access to documents and data needed to do the day to day job?
  • Are areas or equipment needed to fulfil orders restricted?
  • Does it prevent meeting legal requirement over a period of time?
  • Affect the ability to process employee’s salaries on time.

For each areas impacted, define for how long, how they get back to normal, and what effect it will have on your business.
Everything need to be properly documented with mitigation actions.

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