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Internal Audit is used to help an organisation reach its objective, and audit departments with the focus on evaluating and evaluating the effectiveness of risk management. Quality is communicated to management through internal audit.
Internal auditors work with management to systematically select operations or systems to include in the audit schedule. The intention is to audit how risks are managed, if there are processes in place, and how they are followed. Auditors follow an overall audit schedule, which is updated based on strategic needs of the organisation.

Scope of Internal Audit

The scope of the audits can be wide and cover all departments across an organisation. It can cover different subjects like quality, environmental impact, the organisations culture and ethics, and so forth. Any system or operations that have an effect on the efficiency of the organisation can be included.
The role of an internal auditor include monitoring, evaluating, and analysing risk and controls, as well as review compliance with policies, procedures, and laws.

Internal Audit Report

The reports generated from the audits go to the CEO, Director or Senior Management, and provide and independent review of the success or need for improvements in the different areas of the business.

Who should use Internal Audit

In terms of the benefits from implementing an audit program, then the size of the company is not that relevant. An audit program would benefit any business, but it have to be developed keeping the specific needs of each individual business in mind.

Internal Audit with EQMS

If you are interested in implementing and internal audit program using existing employees as auditors, or outsourcing the entire internal audit function as a hole, then EQMS can support with our extensive knowledge to help you succeed.

We can provide a free consultation, and assign a dedicated consultant to develop an effective program in cooperation with you, based on your budget and needs.

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