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Mass Customisation is one of the lean tools and can be described as “Giving the costumer the option to customise a product or service, and be able to provide it to the costumer to a price almost similar to the standard mass produced option”.
For example, then the Quality Training provided by EQMS goes under that category. We have some standard training sessions we provide, but give our customers the option for bespoke solutions where trainings can be combined or changed to shorter awareness type of trainings. That allows more areas to be covered (at a higher level) in one day of training for similar cost.

Types of Mass Customisation

In the book “Mass Customization: The New Frontier in Business Competition” written by B. Joseph Pine in 1992, he split Mass Customisation up in four types.

  • Collaborative Customisation: Companies work with individual customers to develop products that best meet their needs.
  • Adaptive Customisation: Companies produce products that can be customised by the end user. For example an office chair where height and angle can be changed by the customer.
  • Transparent Customisation: Companies provide unique products to individual costumers without promoting the products as customised.
  • Cosmetic Customisation: Companies produce standard products, but market them in different ways based on the various costumers.

Item to Consider for Mass Customisation

  • The items that are differentiated in the product should be done as late in the process as possible.
  • Both your production and supply chain need to be flexible and responsive to deal with unique products and unpredictable demands.
  • Efficient interface and collaboration with costumers.

If you are interested in getting started with lean and implementing some of the methodologies in your company or business, then our 5S Training might be of interest to you. It is usually the first step to take when starting out with lean, as it creates the foundation for further improvements to be implemented.

Alternatively you can continue to our Quality Training page to see some of the other types of training we provide.

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