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PPAP is short for Production Part Approval Process, and was created and first utilised by the automotive industry. It is used as a risk identification and mitigation process, provided to the costumer as evidence of a repeatable process.

PPAP Levels

There are 5 levels of PPAP as defined below.

  • Level 01: Only require a Part Submission Warrant (PSW).
  • Level 02: Require PSW and product sample with limited supporting data.
  • Level 03: Require PSW and complete set of supporting data.
  • Level 04: Require PSW and other requirement defined by the costumer.
  • Level 05: Require PSW and product sample with complete set of supporting data.

If the default level of submission isn’t specified, it is by default required a level 03 PPAP.

  • Level 01 – Is typically used for suppliers who have been supplying same part without any issues.
  • Level 02 – Is used for slight modification, which does not change the manufacturing process.
  • Level 03 – Is used for a new part or new supplier
  • Level 04 – Is typically for a part with significant design changes.
  • Level 05 – Is for suppliers with lot of previously known issues

PPAP Elements

Below are the elements that are included in a Production Part Approval Process.

  • Design documentation
  • Engineering change documents
  • Customer engineering approval
  • Design FMEA
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Process FMEA
  • Control plan
  • MSA
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Material performance reviews
  • Initial process studies
  • Qualified laboratory documentation
  • ARR
  • Sample product
  • Master sample
  • Checking aids
  • Records of compliance
  • PSW

When is PPAP Used

A Production Part Approval Process is needed for any new part, or when a part or process is being changed. The PPAP is generated by the supplier, and as they are not all the same, the expectation should be agreed between costumer and supplier.

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