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Quality Control is a process used to ensure a specified level of quality for a product or service. This might include measurement, test or visual inspection of certain characteristics of the product or service the organisation provide.
The basic goal of quality control is to ensure the products and services are reliable, and continuously meet the requirements and expectations of the customer.

Role of Quality Control Department

When an organisation starts with quality control, it typically involves having a team of employees that focus on measuring, testing or observing certain products and services.
The products or services inspected are picked at random and according to sample size agreed for the inspection. To determine the sample size and pass/fail criteria, AQL tables could be used.
The goal is to identify any non-conforming materials (NCM) or services that don’t meet the organisations specified standards.
Usually it isn’t the role of quality control employee to solve the issue, the problem solving part usually sit with another person who will go through the exercise to find the root cause and solve the issue.

Types on Quality Control

There are many types on quality control being done across different business sectors. For example a quality control employee could sample a product from a machine every 2 hours and do a measurement of a critical dimension, or it could be inspecting a phone at the end of a line involving powering it up and inspect for visual defects.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality control is sometime mistaken as the same thing, as they are quite similar. The main difference between the two it that quality control focus on inspecting the product or service as the end result, whereas quality assurance focus on the process leading to the final product or service.

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