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A Time and Motion Study is one of the lean tools to improve efficiency in a workplace. It is looking at the motions and time taken to perform a certain task, the data can be analysed and process improved as part of continuous improvement.

Observing in Time and Motion Study

A Time and Motion Study can be used to eliminate time and motion waste in a process, but there are some things that need to be considered and taken into account when doing the study.
One of the things that will impact the study is the Hawthorne Effect which state.

  • If people know they are observed, they work differently.
  • No matter what change is implemented, employee’s performance tends to improve.

The improvement due to implementing any change, is not triggered by the change itself, but related to feeling valued and receiving personal attention from the leadership. Even though this will trigger an improvement, this will only be temporary.

An understanding of the above is very important, as an implementation of changes that give a temporary boost of efficiency due to attention, could be falsely be considered as a permanent improvement even if in reality it could be making the process efficiency worse.

Time and Motion Study is one of the lean tools, if you found it interesting then our 5S Training might be of interest to you. It is usually the first step to take when starting out with lean, as it creates the foundation for further improvements to be implemented.

Alternatively you can continue to our Quality Training page to see some of the other types of training we provide.

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