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Total Quality Management (TQM) is a continuous effort by both management and employees of an organisation to improve their internal processes and increase customer satisfaction. A happy costumer brings along several new costumers, whereas an unhappy costumer can make existing and potential new costumers go to your competitor.
Total Quality Management is a joint effort of management, workers and suppliers to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. TQM is the responsibility of everyone associated with the organisation, and places strong focus on process measurement and controls as part of the continuous improvement.

Principles of Total Quality Management (TQM)

Below are the principles of TQM.

  • Costumer Focus: Every business depends on costumers, and would not exist without them. It is essential to know your customer needs at present time and in the future.
  • Management: Quality can and must be managed. The first step to this is realising there is a problem, and then creating an environment where people can be involved in achieving the objectives of the organisation.
  • People Involvement: People from all levels and departments must realise they have an important role to play. Every person has a costumer, and must step up to meet their requirement and exceed their expectations.
  • Process Approach: The problem is never down to the individual people, but always lay with the process. No training will ever make up for a process that is causing the problem, improve the process and train the people in the new process.
  • Continuous Improvement: Total Quality Management is not a destination, but a journey. TQM is not something that can be done once and forgotten about, it is a journey of continuous improvement to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Measurable: A quality management system is only effective when you can measure the result, and see how implementation of a new process has an effect. All decisions made should be made based on actual data rather than assumptions.
  • Look for the Cause: Don’t try to treat symptoms, find the undelaying cause of the problem to prevent reoccurrence.

TQM for Long Term Success

Total Quality Management is not a quick fix or something that happens overnight, it is a long term investment designed for long term success.
If considering implementing TQM, it is important to understand if you are capable to implement the above basic principles across your business. The principles can be a huge culture change for a lot of companies, and support from a Quality Consultant can sometime make the journey smoother.

If you are interested in TQM or improving your employee’s ability to use quality tools in their daily work, then you can continue to our quality training page for an overview of other training we provide.

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