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Visual Management System is one of the lean tools widely used in lean environments, where there is focus on having a visual workspace. If looking around when walking or driving outside, there are a lot of examples on visual status indicators. E.g. there are traffic lights telling you when to drive and when to stop, and signs at the side of the road telling you the speed limit.

Visual Management System in the Workspace

Similar concepts can be implemented in a workplace and add value, for example with the use of visual management boards with simple display of information. The purpose of the visual management boards is to provide key information for that area at a glance.

Visual Management Boards

Any sign or system that provides a visual indication goes under the category of visual indicators. One of the tools often used, is visual management boards. They are often seen in manufacturing and could cover items like continuous improvement and project status.
Some of the things to consider when implementing visual management boards are:

  • All boards across the organization look similar with little variation.
  • Use colours people can relate to, e.g. red, yellow green.
  • Easy understandable by employees at all levels of the organisation.
  • Visible from a distance, at least the headers.

What to include on Visual Management Boards

There are different things that can be included on the visual management boards, but it depends a lot on the industry as well. A way to determine what to include, is considering what information and status updates would add value for the people working in the area.
Some examples of what could be added is seen below.

  • Scrap and rework levels
  • 5S Activities and conditions
  • If schedule is on track
  • SPC Charts

Visual Management Systems is one of the lean tools, if you found it interesting then our 5S Training might be of interest to you. It is usually the first step to take when starting out with lean, as it creates the foundation for further improvements to be implemented.

Alternatively you can continue to our Quality Training page to see some of the other types of training we provide.

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