Most Lean initiatives start out with a 5S program to get things cleaned up and organized as one of the first steps toward kaizen continuous improvement.

5S represents 5 disciplines to maintain visual at workplace. It is a fundamental activity to improve business. 5S represents systematic approach for productivity, quality and safety improvement in all types of business. It is one of the important approaches in journey of continuous improvement is 5S.

5S simplifies and organizes your work environment, reduces waste and non-value activity while improving quality efficiency and safety.

The individual items within 5S also known as the “pillars” are:

  1. Seiri (Sort)
  2. Seiton (Straighten)
  3. Seiso (Shine)
  4. Seiketsu (Standardisation)
  5. Shitsuke (Sustain)

Training Agenda

  1. Introduction to Lean & the 8 Wastes.
  2. 5S Exercise.
  3. 5S Training.
  4. Assess your target area.
  5. Sort – Remove unnecessary items and red tag questionable items.
  6. Straighten / Shine – Team cleans area and agrees on where items should be located.
  7. Standardize – Team agrees and uses visual management (tape, photos, etc) to establish standards.
  8. What would be on your daily to-do list to maintain these improvements.
  9. What would a weekly 5S audit look like.
  10. Sustain: Perform the checklists as a team.
  11. Sustain: Perform the audit as a team.
  12. Create leader standard work: “Who is responsible for performing checklists and audits and when.

Optimal 5S Target Areas

Anyplace where disorganization and clutter disrupt productivity and workflow would be optimal to use as target area for the training.

  • Offices/Workspaces
  • Kitchens
  • Lab
  • Storage areas/closets
  • Production areas
  • Etc.

The Benefits of 5S

Improve safety, decrease down time, raise employee morale, identify problems more quickly, develop control through visibility, establish convenient work practice, increase product and process quality, strengthen employees’ pride in their work, promote stronger communication among staff, and empower employees to sustain their work area. 5S can increase morale, create positive impressions on customers, and increase efficiency and organization.

5S Training