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If you need a new Management System or support maintaining an existing one, then we have ISO Consultants and Auditors with the experience and skills to support.

We offer ongoing consultancy and audit support of Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and ISO 17025 amongst others.

Just a Few of Our Clients

 Bellingham + Stanley
 Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
 Elemental Microanalysis

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EQMS Ltd can help your organisation improve and reach its full potential. We are offering a range of services to our clients and help make continual improvement part of their DNA and company culture.

ISO Consulting

We provide ISO consultancy services all across UK and our ISO consultants have worked in a wide variety of industries.
Whether you already are ISO certified or looking to get it, our ISO Consultants can support with the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of your ISO Management System.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can support reaching your goal.

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Auditing is a key element of a successful management system and our audit team can provide bespoke and tailored solutions to meet the requirements of each individual client.
Whether you are looking to outsource your internal or supplier audit function, then we have experienced auditors available to support.

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Our training courses develop the skills of your employees
and ensure your organisation’s ability to run an effective management system.
Our courses can be provided on site at your premisses,
or as a remote session depending on your requirements.
If you are looking to increase your knowledge on an ISO standard, or need to improve your employee’s problem.

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Our ISO Consultants and Auditors

All of our ISO consultants and auditors have had training on the standards they are working with and are registered auditors with IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors). Each of our ISO Consultants has experience within various industries prior starting at EQMS and are competent to work with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 amongst others.

We provide tailored solutions that fit individual needs of our clients and only use UKAS accredited certification bodies unless requested otherwise by our clients.

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated and flexible to meet the needs of each individual client. We have a wide range of experience in driving continual improvements across various industries within manufacturing, construction and engineering amongst others.

We specialise in bringing individual or integrated management systems to a level where organisations can get certified by a UKAS accredited certification body.

With strong commitment to excellence in all of our services, we ensure to provide effective solutions for all of your requirements. Our approach is everything we do must add value to our clients and drive continual improvement within their organisation.


What Else Do We Offer

As part of our service, we are also able to provide training on ISO standards and management tools such as Internal Auditing and 8D Problem Solving amongst others.

Whether you are interested in outsourcing your internal audit function, want to get certified to one of the ISO standards, or need support with developing and implementing a management system, then we are here to help.

Our Clients

What our other clients are saying about us.


Brett Farrance (Senior Procurement Manager)

EQMS gave us a cost effective, flexible solution to auditing our diverse Supply Chain, since hiring EQMS we’ve managed to audit 35% of our Supply Chain within 12 months and have set up a rolling schedule to manage the next 12 months.
They offer an excellent professional service and I would be happy to recommend.


Matt Doyle (Purchasing Manager)

We were in the need of support to close out some nonconformities and required a full ISO 9001 QMS audit of our system with short notice. EQMS was flexible to provide professional support at our site and conducted the audit within days. Despite expecting the audit report to take 2 weeks, it was finalised and issued to us over the weekend. Going forward we consider outsourcing our internal audit function to them.


Scott Faith (Quality Manager)

We needed someone with the skills to conduct our internal audits so we maintained compliance with ISO, EQMS supplied us with a professional service identifying areas of improvement across all areas of our business. Bjarke is very knowledgeable and was able to advise us on regulatory requirements that fit our business whilst producing high quality reports.

ADAM Architecture

Sharron Harman (Information Manager)

On behalf of the QMS team here at ADAM, I would like to thank you for your valuable advice over the past few months. It was incredibly beneficial to have someone who could interpret the Standard and to sense check our documents, thereby giving us the confidence we needed that we were on the right path and would achieve our goal at the end.


Steve Cook (Managing Director)

EQMS has been a pivotal resource assisting us in a redesign of our ISO framework. Their adaptability, expert input and diligent approach continue to be a real asset for us; we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Vitrine Systems

Debbie Carpenter (Office Manager)

We used EQMS for our internal audits as our company had grown and I no longer had the time to carry out the audits to the best of my ability. The whole process from start to finish was nothing but professional. Communication was excellent and Bjarke always managed to reply to my emails or calls within 24 hours or sooner. The report at the end was again very professional, clear and easy to understand and was willing to help answer any questions we had even after he had completed everything. We were very impressed with everything EQMS carried out for us that I will be continuing to use them going forward.

Elemental Microanalysis Ltd

Martin Trerise (Compliance Manager)

We contracted EQMS to support our compliance needs during the ISO 17025 transition. As holders of an ISO 9001 certification we required somebody who could conduct internal audits and provide on site support as well as input into the transition workflow. Our consultant, Bjarke Jensen, was able to work flexibly through a combination of site visits and video conferencing to provide the expertise we needed and ensure we did not fall behind with our compliance obligations during a maternity leave.

Agile Applications

Matthew Haggett (Quality Manager)

We have outsourced our internal audits for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 to EQMS who helped us close actions required to transition to the latest version of the standards. Our internal audits are now much more detailed and in depth with more nonconformities and opportunities for improvement highlighted.

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