ISO 14001 Introduction Training

Training Overview

Our ISO 14001 Introduction Training enables participants to be familiar with the concepts of implementing and managing an affective Environmental Management System (EMS). Introduction to ISO 14001 is targeted for people who are new to ISO 14001 or have been responsible for an EMS or elements of it for some time.
The training is conducted by our highly qualified industry experts who will be applying theory to real life business scenarios as part of the training. Their extensive knowledge can be used to support with your challenges faced with an EMS as well as answer any questions you might have.
The aim of the course is to provide you with knowledge of an Environmental Management System and identify the activities of your organisation that has an impact on the environment. These are referred to as ‘environmental aspects’ and is one of the key elements of an EMS.

Who Should Attend ISO 14001 Introduction Training?

Following individuals should consider to attend our ISO 14001 Introduction Training:

  • Directors accountable for the effectiveness of an EMS.
  • Staff who need to understand ISO 14001 as part of their job role.
  • Managers and staff responsible for implementing or maintaining an EMS.
  • People starting their career in environmental management.
  • New auditors who need a basic knowledge of environmental management and ISO 14001.

Course Outcome

By having completed our full day ISO 14001 Introduction Training, you will have an understanding of:

  • Developing and maintaining an effective EMS by using a systematic framework.
  • How to positively contribute to your organisation’s environmental performance.
  • Identifying environmental aspects of an organisation and determine their impact.
  • Continually improve an EMS long term and contribute to sustainable development.
  • An organisations compliance obligation from a legal perspective.

Key Topics of ISO 9001 Introduction Training

Following are the key topics covered during our ISO 9001 Introduction Training:

1 Environmental management and the principal elements of an EMS.
2 How to integrate an EMS within your business management.
3 Identifying environmental aspects of your organisation and determine the impact of these aspects.
4 Setting effective environmental objectives.
5 Guidance on environmental legislation.
6 Risk based thinking.
7 Performance evaluation & analysis.
8 Achieving cost savings through an efficient EMS.
9 Guidance on internal auditing.
10 Overview of the certification process.

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