Legal Compliance Audit

Legal Compliance Audit

The main objective of a legal compliance audit, is to ensure an organisation comply with the law. The audit will identify if some relevant legislations are unknown to the organisation being audited, as well as if they are being complied with.

A legal compliance audit is beneficial for organisations of all sizes and across various industries. There are environmental and health & safety legislations every company has to comply with and being unaware of them, does not prevent a prosecution if an accident happens.

Failure by a business to ensure compliance with the applicable health & safety or environmental legislations, can result in severe penalties and even criminal prosecution.

Our Legal Compliance Audits

We provide two types of legal compliance audits, one cover environmental legislations and the other health & safety legislations. For the majority of our clients, the environmental compliance audit and health and safety compliance audit is conducted as one.

Environmental Compliance Audit

There are a range of environmental legislations that every company have to comply with. The legislations cover areas such as waste management, air pollution, dangerous substances, use/disposal of water, nuisance and energy amongst many others.

Our environmental compliance audit provides you with an environmental legal register and ensure your compliance with all relevant environmental legislations

Health and Safety Compliance Audit

Within health & safety, there is a substantial number of legislations. Some of them are relevant for all companies and others cover specific areas such as lifting equipment or noise at work. It is important to be aware of all health & safety relevant for your business.
Our health & safety compliance audit provides you with a health & safety legal register and ensure your compliance with all relevant health & safety legislations.

Benefits From Legal Compliance Audits

Environmental and health & safety compliance audits offer a range of benefits to an organisation. These include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Ensures safeguarding of the environment and health & safety of personnel.
  • Avoid fines and criminal prosecution.
  • Verifies compliance with local and national laws.
  • Assesses if there are adequate risk assessments for all the activities within your organisation.
  • ensures that the operations of an organisation are environmentally sustainable.
  • Identifies areas for cost saving, such as reduction of waste.
  • Demonstrates the organisations environmental and health & safety commitment to employees, customers, the public and other stakeholders.

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