The 8D Approach

The 8D approach is a kind of problem solving technique which stands for the 8 Disciplines. Basically it is a structured, efficient and systematic method for solving continuous and repetitive problems. This method makes the best of a synergetic effect from team-work and delivers brilliant strategies to find the problem’s root cause, apply containment actions, develop and implement corrective and preventive action plans afterwards in order to avoid the problem permanently in the long-term. The 8D’s are:

  1. Start Project team
  2. Problem Identification
  3. Implement Containment Actions
  4. Identifying the root causes
  5. Develop and verify solutions
  6. Implement corrective actions
  7. Prevent problem recurrence
  8. Recognize the project team

Overall, it was never planned that the 8D method can be a substitute for well-organized quality system. However, it is a effective tool to solve systemic problems when they occur and assist in increasing the promising credibility of our products.

Aim of 8D Method

The basic aim of the 8D method is to define the problems and find out the flaws in the management systems of the company that allowed the problem to transpire in the first place. It empowers the organisation’s personnel to turn out to be more effective and efficient at problem solving by facilitating them for creating a formal procedure for resolving and handling problems.

Benefits of Attending an 8D Training Course

An 8D training course can be a very beneficial approach as this problem solving process leads to a systematic transformation which improves the whole process for preventing not just the problem but additional concerns that may be caused by a systematic negligence. The soundness and benefits of the 8D process resides in its arrangement, discipline and approach. It utilized a combined method by making the best of the finest process of different existing methods. For business entities that are looking for productive ways in order to improve their products and services, an 8D Training course would be a perfect solution to choose for their workforces. The 8D Problem Solving Course is suitable for those employees who are in charge for problems solving, and for those employees who get involved in the problem-solving.

In addition to that, 8D problem solving may appear as simple as filling a form, however that is fare from the actual fact. A procedure which is implemented by a team comprised of unguided individuals, will result in creating other additional problems instead of resolving the ones we intend to solve in the first place. Therefore, an untrained team will never have the potential to identify the actual root-case of problem, in fact rather than chasing the actual problem; they may perhaps disturb the system which will give rise to misusing organisational resources. So most importantly, a proper training program must be organized in every organisation on a regular basis so their personnel can have a proper training. The organisation has the responsibility to make necessary training and orientation arrangements for their employees to increase their awareness about this type or similar problem solving procedures.

Furthermore, we can say that the benefit of 8D training course lies in its flexibility as it can be modified to different conditions. It means that we can use it for examining problems in the organisation workflow, or multi-disciplinary teams can look at more difficult problems that go beyond operational and departmental limits. We cannot deny that without proper recognition, team members are not really motivated to play a dynamic part and can be discouraged. 8D training acknowledges all team members for their individual as well as combined efforts which created a healthy work environment of continuing improvement activities.

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