On the whole, quality management is concerning an organizations ability to always offer a product or service that fulfills the needs and meets customer’s requirements accordingly. An effective quality policy is also an integral part of this major focus of business enterprises. It is important to know why you need an effective quality policy for your business. Quality management and the way a business entity is able to exhibit the efficacy of its internal controls, is required by the clients and additional parties to a greater extent as they need to be guaranteed that the particular organization can deliver their needed product with the required specification timely in a cost-effective way. Having a quality policy statement is a promising business practice for managing internal business affairs and resources utilization with optimization.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t take full advantage of their business practices due to an ungainly quality policy as it does not encourage implementation in a useful and noticeable way. In order to create an effective quality policy for our business it must be kept in mind that it needs to be a short statement that explains how a business entity ensures its product or service quality. By having a quality policy statement there are many beneficial points for the organization as it is a constructive exercise which facilitates management to concentrate on work systems of the organization.


First of all, the most important thing is to go for something precise, engaging and unforgettable. If the focus of creating a quality policy is to just satisfy the ISO 9001:2015 requirements then it may be of no value. The essence of an effective quality policy is to keep it easy and relevant to the business entity so it can be meaningful for everyone associated with that organization. If you want to create an effective quality policy for your business the quality teams must realize and start by retracing their steps to basics and reviewing the quality policy itself. The quality policy design team must inquire if it is planned to drive acceptance, or if it is cumbersome and confuses company employees.

Appoint a Responsible Leader

Most importantly, there are some key elements that are a must have for an effective quality policy. For the creation process, the most ideal approach is to start with a single person dedicated for this task to create a draft, then refining it by taking the input of the leadership and key persons responsible for that before the formulation of the final quality policy. A quality policy should clearly explain managements dedication for preserving standards of the business organization’s products or services.

Involvement of Whole Staff

An effective quality policy must also categorize the ownership structure and their involvement within the company and their whole staff and particularly those who are assigned with key responsibilities for maintaining the company’s product or service quality. More to the point, it calls for mentioning the procedures for the monitoring of quality assurance of the products or services and making certain that it caters the customer needs on a permanent basis and cover a significant market share.

Specify Ways to Communicate with Customers

In addition to that, it is necessary that an effective quality policy must clarify that in which ways the value of satisfying customers’ needs will be communicated in the entire business organization. As customer satisfaction has to be maintained on a continuous basis so a quality policy must state how its accomplishment with a success rate will be ensured. Similarly, this is easy to say while actually doing that needs some resources and in some cases substantial resources so the quality policy must provide the details of availability and accessibility of required resources for making that happen efficiently as well as effectively. It is also a must have to include the details of the business entity methods or practices and how they will be evaluated from time to time to verify that they stay effective in delivering customer satisfaction.

It is important to bear in mind that once we are done with the creation of quality policy the work is not over with its designing and implementation. Above all, continuing assistance to different business units is vital so they should understand the quality policy within their local perspectives.