Using Third Party HSEQ Consulting for Support

Using Third Party HSEQ Consulting for Support

In the current days and age, organisations are always looking ways to more efficient ways to manage their environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint. With a robust HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) management system implemented, an organisation has the opportunity to work in an organised way, where element related health, safety, environment and quality is documented, monitored and controlled. Additionally, it ensures a workplace is adequately managed from a health, safety, environmental and quality perspective and is compliant with relevant standards. To sum up, a HSEQ management system is useful in keeping your team safe and ensure continual improvement of work processes within your organisation.

Furthermore, an HSEQ system helps in improving quality of products and services, as well as aims at ensuring customer satisfaction. An organisation can be having serious interests in implementing a Health & Safety Management System or maybe an integrated HSEQ system. In both scenarios, HSEQ consulting support can be very beneficial with the development and implementation. In HSEQ systems we accomplish performance with the help of an Integrated Management System (IMS) along with conditions of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, promoting practices like training and development endeavours and leadership activities. Organisations must be aware of the fact that the commitment of both managerial and workforce towards an integrated HSEQ-oriented culture needs to become a key component of the overall business activities.

Using Third Party for HSEQ Consulting Support

In HSEQ consulting, approaching third parties for support should be managed similar to when a supplier or service provider is assessed. This include defining the scope of works and evaluate risks by outsourcing or maintaining it internally. For third party HSEQ consulting, only chosen service providers, who took part in the pre-qualification as well as approval process should be considered.

HSEQ consulting can be provided on an ongoing basis or for a fixed term. For SME’s who might not have the resources or capability inhouse. It might be beneficial and very cost effective to use third party HSEQ consulting as of when needed.

Establishing Requirement for HSEQ Consulting

It is quite beneficial for an organisation to establish their requirement for HSEQ consulting and align their expectations with the HSEQ Consultant. In some cases, this is not fully clear to the organisation; however, a good consultant will be able to review this with the organisation to clarify their needs prior to starting any work.

It is important that the roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, so that neither of the parties will expect the other to carry out an activity, they in fact should have done themselves.

Responsibilities of HSEQ Professionals

HSEQ professionals have to perform some key responsibilities that are essential for fulfilling their job. HSEQ professionals have to offer legislative and regulation advice on every matter with regard to health, safety, environmental and quality management. It is also their responsibility to support resolving issues with customers, suppliers, and registration bodies if needed. In addition to that, they often play a key role in maintaining the management system, as well as carrying out internal audits as part of continual improvement, review safe systems of work amongst many other activities.

Role of Organisational Leadership

We cannot deny that no matter which third party is chosen, the role of organisational leadership plays a strong role. The leaderships vision, ambition and involvement are vital in an organisation’s capability to yield promising outcomes. Organisations need to keep in mind, that effective health, safety, environmental and quality targets, only can be reached with full support from management.

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