Advantages Of Using ISO 27001 Consultancy Services

Advantages Of Using ISO 27001 Consultancy Services

What is ISO 27001?

For any business, information security is one of the most important factors. ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for a Information Security Management System (ISMS). This standard presents the foundation for a successful Information Security Management System in an organisation. When you have been certified to ISO 27001, your organisation is following the best practices of information security.

With the increase in data breaches and cybercrime, more organisations are acquiring certification to the standard to protect their data. In addition to that, the certification to ISO 27001 proves to the customers, regulatory bodies and government departments, that the organisation has high data security and can be trusted for their projects.

Why ISO 27001 is Important?

The ISO 27001 certification enhance your organisation’s reputation, by providing an official certificate that your business is compliant to the standard and as a result, has robust information security management system in place. It also helps to prevent the penalties associated with data breaches and hacks. Therefore, it is the primary concern for stakeholders to find businesses and organisations who have secured systems to handle their important and sensitive information. Having an ISO 27001 certification is a way to prove the quality of your security system and support retaining old customers as well as gaining new ones.

Security experts such as external consultants and auditors analyse the organisation’s security systems and replace them with the best practices to eliminate data breaches, if required. The implementation of an ISO-compliant ISMS system, ensures continual monitoring of the organisation’s policies and procedures. It helps with identification and mitigation of risk factors along the process.

ISO 27001 Consultancy Services

ISO 27001 consultants are certified professionals and compliance experts having specialised knowledge about all the aspects of ISO 27001. Their ISO 27001 consultancy services can provide crucial support to guide you through the certification process. Hiring services of certified consultants, not only helps an organisation in successful implementation of an ISMS, but also save the company’s time and resources.

The ISO 27001 consultants offer many services including successful implementation of ISMS, ISO 27001 certification, internal audits, evidence collection, risk assessment and employees onboarding amongst many other.

Advantages of ISO 27001 Consultancy Services

Hiring the services of an ISO 27001 consultant or consultancy firm, can offer a wide range of benefits. Some of them are outlined in the following sections.

ISMS Implementation and Integration

A qualified consultant has the knowledge, experience and skills to implement a compliant ISMS within your organisation. A successfully implemented ISMS is the basic requirement of ISO 27001 certification. A consultant can assist with designing, developing and successfully implement every component of an Information Security Management System to make it compliant with ISO 27001. If you already have an ISMS, an ISO 27001 Consultant can help identifying and eliminating any gaps with the standard prior to certification.


Certification audits can be really challenging for an organisation and it can be really discouraging to go through the entire audit and jus to find out there are major gaps in your management system. An ISO 27001 consultant can prevent this issue by having a readiness assessment before starting the certification audit. A readiness assessment recognises the possible problems or challenges that can arise before starting a certification audit.

Policies and Procedures

An ISO 27001 consultant can support with developing security policies and procedures that are according to the organisation’s needs and compliant with the standard.

Risk Assessment

In a security or sensitive environment, risks are everywhere. The basic requirement of ISO 27001 is the identification and mitigation of these risk factors and potential threats to information security. An ISO 27001 consultant conducts effective risk assessment and management. Risk assessment is not a one-time thing. In fact, it is an ongoing process to stay compliant and ensure any new threats are addressed when identified.

Long Term Security

Another benefit of using ISO 27001 consultancy services, is that they are able to conduct regular internal audits and ensure that the implemented ISMS procedures are followed and the organisation comply with the standard.

If you are looking for support developing or maintaining your Information Security Management System, please contact us for a free consultation of how we can help with your project.

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