Using ISO consultants to set up or review your quality management system could be very beneficial. Often an impartial party would see and highlight thing the organisation maybe have “learned to live with”. Additionally, given their extensive experience in the area, improvement in performance is often seen as a result from using an ISO consultant. If you are considering an ISO Certification for your organisation, utilizing an ISO consultancy firm enables you to use your resources the most efficient way and avoid unnecessary non value adding tasks. The outcome will be a more efficient quality management system and a certification that is achieved in shorter time.

In spite of the fact that it is not a requirement to acquire any ISO standard, using an ISO consultancy can bring a wide range of advantages. Experienced ISO consultants know where and how to look for areas of improvement and add value by making longwinded procedures more efficient by removing all the non-value adding activities. At the end of the day you often end up end up saving more money from the improvements than the cost of the ISO consultant.

Choosing an ISO Consultant

Picking a consultancy to work with need not be hard, particularly on the off chance that you ask the correct questions. Looking at the level of expertise, abilities and experience can be difficult if you are not sure what to look for.

10 points to consider when choosing an ISO consultant

  • Does the organisation have the necessary capabilities and evidences to back up the cases they make?
  • Would they be able to give references in regards to work they have finished for different organisations?
  • Does the ISO consultant have certifications from any recognized organisation?
  • Do they have understanding of not just working to the ISO standard, but experience from an organisation comparative in size and industry as yours?
  • What kind of training does their ISO consultants have? Will there be any extra training required?
  • What level of professional indemnity insurance does the organisation have?
  • Does the ISO consultancy have the assets to give to the venture?
  • Does the organisation have a suitable past record of trading?
  • What are the expenses? How and when are they charged?
  • Is the organisation financially stable?

What are the advantages of hiring the services of ISO consultants? This is a question that has presumably entered your mind more than once all through your business tasks. If not, you will end up thinking about it sooner or later. While the list of benefits one stands to gain for using an ISO consultant is limitless, there are a few benefits which can never be disregarded.

Benefits of ISO consultants


ISO consultants are basically experts who use expertise in the tasks and offer credibility. Also, indeed, with all around organized methodology and rules on which they base their judgment and administration arrangement, you can rest guaranteed that whatever they offer is nothing less of trustworthy. With credible information, the achievement of any organisation is relatively sure.

High Standards

While ISO 9001 is globally acknowledged certification that sets out the required guidelines for any business or profession, using services of ISO consultants ensures most astounding principles and most demonstrable skill. With unmistakably stipulated rules, an ISO consultant is unquestionably what any business or organisation would require if success is what they are looking for. All our ISO consultants vetted with a high level of requirements before being considered fit for the job. With that level of checking, all of our ISO consultants are providing their services at a very high standard.

Increased Competitiveness

Using ISO consultants would increase organisations competitiveness. By making processes more efficient it frees up resources for other tasks and cut cost. At the end of the day your organisation would be able to provide their product or service faster and at a lower cost when using experienced ISO consultants. Also you would see an improvement on your customer satisfaction by providing your product or service consistently at a high level.

If you are looking to implement ISO 9001 and get certified or to improve your processes, then we would be happy to help with your project. Contact us today for a free consultation.