In the economic condition of recent times, quality management consultants are very important to attain and maintain the right position in the market. As lots of organisations are now in competition with themselves in a really global marketplace, thus, top notch quality is important in order to build and preserve both the brand and the client base. In essence, to improve a business, the business owner is faced with two choices; either to provide and uphold top notch services/products or cut prices.

Regardless of the industry, managing quality is unquestionably essential. The procedures as well as the business which follow them by attaining an ISO 9001 certification are placed in high regard.

So, how can quality management consultants help implement ISO 9001?

Assessing the Company’s Aims and Objectives for Employing ISO 9001

Quality management consultants might be needed as a result of late deliveries, repeated client complaints, very high inventories, regular warranty returns, repeated production delays or an increased level of rejection of services or products.

The need for making use of ISO 9001 could also come from the market, or it is not possible to function in the market, or supply a dominant client.

At this particular step, the quality management consultant identifies the objectives and target that should be achieved, such as increased efficiency, better profitability, consistent supplier, enhanced company structure etc.

Assigning a Management Representative

Decision is made on the responsibilities of the individual who will be tasked with developing and documenting the QMS as well as the appointment of a representative to oversee the implementation of the QMS.

Organizing the Resources

Setting up an ISO-team in order to manage progress and provide resources is required by the quality management consultants. The ISO team consists of workers from various levels with the consultant being the authority.

Increasing Awareness and Give Training

ISO 9001 awareness training is about the requirements of the QMS among every individual engaging in the tasks and activities that affect the quality.

Gap Analysis

Quality management consultants assess the gaps between the requirements of ISO 9001 and the existing QMS. Prepare how to connect the gaps and also the planning for the extra resources needed. Gap analysis could be done via self-assessment or by the quality management consultant.

Drafting a Quality Manual & Developing a Quality Policy

Quality management consultants draft the quality policy for the company and also getting the policy dedicated by the top management of the organisation. The consultant also ensures that the policy is a very strong and original statement and it applies to the company.

Draft the Documentation, Design the QMS and Implement It

Implementation is divided into two parts. Implementing the Quality Management System and developing its supporting paper work. Clearly define the structure and ensure that everyone involved is committed to the work. Present the quality manual to the executives and top management. Give detailed explanation of the document structure and how it is compatible with the QMS. Next, introduce the document to the middle management and explain the document structure. This is important because the top management need to show that they are working in accordance to leadership principles.

After the organisation-wide commitment, write out the procedures. Employees involved with documents should write out these procedures according to the ISO 9000 outlines, clearly reflecting the actual situation. After documentation, the next line of action is to write out the work instruction. This should be well thought out and written describing the work and activities clearly.

Carrying out Internal Audits

After documentation, the quality management consultants will carry out one or more internal audits and at the end of each internal audit, the top management has to review the efficiency of the system and therefore provide the resources needed to correct the errors and make improvements.

Conducting Management Review

The quality management consultants carry out management reviews to show how committed every level is and the advised recommendations from this review is to be acted upon.

Pre-Assessment and Applying for Certification

A pre-assessment is carried out, the QMS and the documentation is corrected wherever needed. An application for the ISO 9001 certification should be made to a certification body.


After implementation of the ISO 9001, the quality management consultants measures how successful the implementation was both during the implementation and also upon the completion of the process.

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