What is Root Cause Analysis?

Root cause analysis is a method used to detect, analyze and reemove the root cause of any problem. Basically it is a problem-solving approach. Root cause analysis is all about reaching the core of a problem and prevent its recurrence rather than just fixing it superficially. Despite the fact that many organisations have spent a lot of their money, time and efforts to improve their operations, it is not surprising to see those problems recurring time and again. ISO standards are one of the factors which highlight the issues and make them more prominent. The standards entail the organisations to gather and scrutinize data on performance of you processes through internal and external audits, performance indicators and client’s feedbacks. Corrective actions are taken immediately to avoid recurrence of such issues.

Benefits of Taking a Root Cause Analysis Training Course

Root cause analysis is not as easy as it seems. Its implementation requires trained personnel who understand the complete methodology and all the necessary information and techniques. It is a methodology in which common sense techniques are utilized in different combinations that result in a quantified approach for proper identification, resolution and mitigation of the root cause to a problem. RCA training courses are conducted by many training institutes around the world in which qualified professional train the attendees about correct way of carrying out RCA. Some of the benefits of attending a root course analysis training courses are:

  • It encourages the trainees to understand and perform RCA efficiently.
  • The trainees are able to discover and virtually utilize basic RCA techniques.
  • It helps the trainees to recognize areas where RCA can be applied for optimum results.
  • The root course analysis training course enables the trainees to correspond and instigate the team to provide original and definite solutions to ferocious issues.
  • The training course explains the difference between creative and analytical thinking and situations where each can be useful.
  • It also extends the variety of tools that can be used for root cause analysis as well as in finding their solutions.
  • It also endorses the capability to cater problem solving support in scenarios where no one is experienced with the process.
  • The training courses also improve problem solving skills by handing over the models for deep analysis of situations.
  • It encourages the trainees to be able to identify root courses and avoid wastage of time and resources.

Types of RCA Training Courses

Many training companies offer both online and in house training courses. Both of them have different advantages.

Advantages of Online Root Course Analysis Training Course

The online root course analysis training course is beneficial in a way that minimize the traveling cost for attendees and also is easy for the students because they save a lot of their time. It also provides you convenience as per your schedule. You can choose whatever time suits you. The courses can be personalized and customized as per student’s requirements.

Advantages of in-house RCA Training Course

Just like the online training course in-house training courses are also beneficial for a group of people. These types of trainings are beneficial for smaller groups as they are cost efficient and provide the opportunity to interact and raise questions during the training.

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