What Is a Company Environmental Policy

In the current scenario one cannot deny the ever increasing need for organisations to exhibit a responsible attitude to their business activities. It is obvious facts that to some extent even the small entities or community groups are engaged in such sort of activities that can become a reason of harmful consequences for the environment. By means of writing an effective environmental policy for our company can prevent such sort of consequences. Basically, an environmental policy is a written statement, generally signed by top management, which provides a framework of the business goals and philosophies about the controlling of environmental consequences and components of its processes.

Why Is It Important

If an organisation considers implementing a standard for environmental management like ISO 14001 then it is indispensable to have written a company environmental policy for its business operations. It’s essential if an organisation is currently working or plans to work in association with big entities, or if it needs to show its clients and other stakeholders that it is determined for effectively managing its environmental impact in a dedicated way. Forming a company environmental policy delivers the best opportunity to evaluate our daily activities being environmentally responsible and complying with legal requirements. It facilitates us to create a better understanding in our employees regarding their roles in the context of environmental responsibilities. It keeps them vigilant and allows them to realize that it is possible to reduce our cost by reduced consumption and waste. Moreover, it is quite handy in saving more money by means of improving the efficiency of our business practices.

By means of an in-house risk evaluation we can pin point those issues that need our attention. It must be considered that how our business influences the environment along with its risk factors. We cannot say that two policies are exactly similar, because we cannot find an approved and established design on writing a company environmental policy.

Writing an Effective Company Environmental Policy

The basic formula for having an effective environmental policy is that just like a Mission Statement it must be both simple to understand and clearly covers the objectives of an entity. If an organisation is genuinely interested in becoming member of a supply chain, or is already a member of one, it’s useful effort to acquire policies from important customers so our policies can demonstrate their own requirements as well. By establishing an assurance to accomplish our environmental influence beyond internal operations can benefit us by improving our standing with current clients and other stakeholders. We cannot realize that even in a more complicated financial climate, our environmental identifications can turn out to be a major difference between being successful at closing a deal with a new client, or the opposite.

An effective company environmental policy must include the organisation’s mission and key facts about its business operations along with assurance to develop and evaluate its environmental performance on continuous basis. It must also outline an obligation to manage our environmental impacts in a competent way. Regular checks must of organisation premises must be arranged at regular basis to ensure that we are efficiently using energy and water in a responsible way, specifying whether necessary steps to decrease waste and pollution are being observed and implemented so far. The walk-around is a helpful source for providing the opportunity to establish new targets that are more specific.

Furthermore, it must be ensured that employees are included in the process of policy assessment. A good reason behind that notion is that if we expect from our employees to show their commitment for the company environmental policy, they can be a useful source of potential ideas for improving our operations. Another important point must be kept in mind that in case of a major change in our business operations, we will also be needing amendments in our environmental policy. At this instant, it is important that our employees and other stakeholders are fully aware of these transformations in our company environmental policy.

We can also use our impact as a client for our suppliers and contractors to support similar environmental standards; it is also possible to make it as a requirement for doing business with our company. Additionally, an organisation can add its environment friendly message into its marketing materials which inspire customers to embrace a similar attitude. By means of effectively and creatively communicating our ambitions and objectives, it can open the doors of new opportunities for our organisation as well.

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