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An Integrated Management System (IMS) is a management system that incorporates various management systems such as quality, environmental and health & safety into one system. This involves including every policy, procedure and process of an organisation into a single unified management framework. Now the thing is that many organisations do not use IMS and as an alternative they work with distinct teams and functions with various systems to manage their particular areas. However, this kind of arrangement is usually disconnected which causes communication problems and lack of a well-defined common purpose. This type of structure can create obstacles in the realisation of a shared purpose and lead towards duplication of effort which is a complete waste of resources.

What is QHSE Consulting and How Can It Impact Your IMS

In contrast, an organisation with teams that share a combined IMS will be in a better position to improve their operation and drive better outcomes from their resources as they use the same documents and follow integrated procedures. For compliance-related capacities in contemporary and well organised organisations a Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management system has a process-driven approach in order to integrate it into an IMS. The efficiency level of individual processes gets more enhanced because of a networked QHSE system on account of the combined effect and the synchronization of a unified application. Likewise, a combined aspect and composition complements every requirement from company relevant ISO standards. Any organisation can greatly benefit from QHSE consulting, as it often has a positive result in the decline of liability risks. Besides, QHSE consulting can also improve our IMS due to the clear and consistent source of support to drive continuous improvement.

In addition to that, QHSE consulting can focus on potential connections with inside interfaces and management systems compliant with a dynamic integrated safety management. The QHSE consultants make their best effort to increase value in integrating management systems relating to relevant ISO Standards for an organisation and focus on flexibility as well as simplicity. By means of utilising QHSE consulting for its IMS, an organisation also saves its precious resources and get instant access experienced and capable support. QHSE consulting can offer a broad range of consulting services including evaluation, development, training and implementation of an Integrated Management System across various industries. More to the point, an important purpose of QHSE consultancy is the development of an efficient and effective IMS that do not just improve organisational values, but also benefits all relevant stakeholders.

A QHSE consultant combines an organisation’s existing systems and improves them to get ready for a certification by an acknowledged certification body, or for auditing by relevant stakeholders. Moreover, a QHSE consultant seek the smartest and best approach for the implementation and avoid generating needless processes resulting in increased admin work offering no benefit to an organisation. In accordance with the standards, the aim is to only create new processes that are essential for the organisation and that adds value. For sure, utilising QHSE consulting in order to improve your IMS can provide many benefits for an organisation. First of all, it ensures conformity by reducing regulatory gaps and offers collaboration within management. Secondly, it provides all sites with required measures to avoid local nonconformities.

If you are looking to implement an Integrated Management System or improve an existing one, then contact us for a free consultation on how we can help.