Attend A RCA Training For Continuous Improvement

Attend A RCA Training For Continuous Improvement

Root cause analysis is a quality improvement approach which is used to find, comprehend and get rid of any and all root causes of issues or incidents. Basically, it is a problem solving system.

Just like several other approaches to quality improvement, the RCA is not magic! It is the use (in several different manners and combinations) of a series of very popular simple techniques to produce a documented, quantified and systematic approach to identifying, comprehending and resolving of all underlying reasons for under accomplished quality in companies.

So, simply stated, root cause analysis is a very thorough investigation into what caused a certain identified problem. Why did it happen? Root cause analyses also carry out investigation on how a particular thing could have gone bad and this will assist in identifying the contributing elements and temporary failures. There are 2 major facts to remember from the onset; root cause analysis pays attention on the cause, the main idea is to make use of the information in developing a remedial action plan.

Does Every Organisation Need RCA Training

The simple answer is YES! A lot of people do not know how to carry out root cause analysis. RCA is still being treated like it is a random activity. Many companies fail to get their employees a RCA training which entails great investigation techniques thus, they propagate the blame culture. They basically do not think of root cause analysis as a process that is controlled.

Asides the 5 whys of the root cause analysis, there are several other tools that can be made use of in resolving problems. Some of these tools are brainstorming, design of experiment, Pareto charts, flowcharts, fishbone diagrams and many others. A lot of tools are being used together to accomplish the most fruitful outcome. For instance, the 5 whys or brainstorming can be used to conjecture what might have gone wrong, and then arrange the outcome in a fishbone diagram which will point you to the particular locations where the evidence needed to objectively determine whatever the root cause of the issue really is, can be found. Companies need to stop assigning the job of root cause analysis to individuals without providing them the required tools and RCA training.

Lastly, people have to comprehend what the probable result of this procedure is. Of course, it is great when people say that they are going to carry out a root cause analysis but the question is; do they have an idea of what they are expected to do when they find out the cause?

What Are the Gains of a RCA Training

Attending a RCA training will enable you to know;

  • How a very basic analysis of a problem can be expanded to give more detail.
  • How to give a precise, thorough and clear explanation of why a particular thing occurred.
  • The important questions for catching an entire definition of the problem.
  • The mental subject that hampers group problem resolving.
  • Why human procedure and mistakes not used doesn’t mean that an investigation has ended.
  • How issues are related to the overall goals of an Organisation.
  • The essential role played by a facilitator in accessing the know-how within an Organisation.
  • How human reliability and human factors fit into an investigation.
  • How to prevent usual miscommunication traps which upset group problem resolving.
  • Comprehend how the basic ‘cause and effect’ relationship magnifies the outcome set.
  • How to find the most efficient combination of outcomes.
  • How the organisation know-how is captured by the cumulative cause map.
  • How an avoidance culture increases accountability.
  • Facilitation guidelines and tactics for leading a problem solving session.
  • The four responsibilities of a facilitator in the course of an investigation.

Business Benefits of a Root Cause Analysis Training

  • Comprehension and the implementation of the Root Cause Analysis Approach.
  • Comprehend and practically make use of the simple technique related to root cause analysis.
  • Identification of where root cause analysis can be made for the best effect.
  • Coordination and motivation of the Root Cause Analysis team to give tangible, real resolutions to what seems to be obstinate quality problems.
  • Conducting rot cause analysis training to other employees in the organisation.
  • Being a validated and a certified root cause analysis practitioner.

I you are interested in increasing the root cause analysis capability within your organisation our Training in Root Cause Analysis might be of interest to you. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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